January 20, 2004

Putting Together a Plan

I'm working on a plan for the Church of Reality once we get our 501c3 tax exempt status. I am in the process of creating ideas to attract donations in order to get this church off the ground.

The first goal of the church is to get the name out there. And that can be done with advertising. So - I will be looking for donations targeted at this purpose. The plan will be to buy advertising efficiently in a way that exposes the public to the church name. The name is itself a message. The ads can be very short and targeted. The basic message will be:

  1. Church of Reality
  2. Slogan - "Welcome to the Real World" "If its real - we believe in it!"
  3. http://www.churchofreality.org

To get the name out there is step one because it causes people to think - which is a good thing. it causes them to ask the Sacred Question - What is Real? And - causes them to wonder if their religion is real. It makes reality more imporetant. It introduces the reality factor - that things should be real. It is a very important first step.

Over the next several weeks I hope to get the ad copy produced. I'm working on the church symbol - which is likely to be a rip off of NASA's symbol. But it is a public symbol and NASA is about exploration - which is what the Church of Reality is about. So we honor NASA by using it's symbol.

Get back on point - I'm thinking about a multimedia campaign based on funding - I hope to buy radio spots - some print ads - billboards - and perhaps with the right funding - TV spots.

I want the name Church of Reality to become a household word. I want everyone in America and much of the word to have heard the name - have some vauge idea that it is a regigion based on believing in reality - and get people to ask the sacred question. And it would change the future of mankind to just get it to that point.

So - this is project number one. I am looking for Maintainers to make this happen. If you fund this - you will go down in history as the person(s) who made it happen. That's as close to immortality that I can offer - but unlike some religions - its a real offer.

So - I am looking for donations and ideas. I want to start with this project and I need a crew. So - who wants to get in on this?

Posted by marc at January 20, 2004 06:39 PM | TrackBack

Iam 17 and I want to help out with the Church of Reality. I would like to contribute to the cause in just about any way possible. I'am not rich so I can't make any monetary donations, but I think like you(outside the box) and I have many great ideas that could help.

Posted by: Bill at March 29, 2004 04:24 PM

I would love to help. First bit of help I have for you is some advice. Use a spell check program and proof read before you post. I can decipher what you mean but proper shareing of ideas is best done with proper english (or whatever language you are using). If in future I have disposable income I will be happy to donate. Maybe towards next fall after I catch up on paying my taxes.

Posted by: Malcolm at May 21, 2004 10:20 PM

If you want to be a proper religion you need to "sell" the benefits of the church, like the Catholic church used to sell indulgences. I mean, if you are not ripping off gullible people, how can you call your establisment a true "Church"?
But seriously, you could sell ordinations to "believers" like me, you know, monk for $50, priest for $100, bishop for $500, etc. etc.

Posted by: John at August 13, 2004 02:32 PM
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