April 17, 2004


If a Christian who believes his faith can make him fly and a Bhudist who believes his faith can make him fly are dropped off a bridge and hit the water at the same time - does that prove they both live in a vacuum?

Posted by marc at April 17, 2004 07:52 AM | TrackBack

A subjective philosophical vacuum? Perhaps. However, it WOULD demonstrate that there is a physical objective reality, and that the laws of that physical objective reality doesn't give a rat's ass what you believe, think, wish or want.

Posted by: r09u3AP at June 17, 2004 09:54 AM

The reality is the only real religion is science.

Posted by: Carvey at July 7, 2004 11:38 PM

What it DOESN'T prove is whether either one had enough faith!

I believe (!) that the only way for me to believe in God is for God to somehow tell me.

Posted by: Donald at September 4, 2004 05:02 AM
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