November 19, 2004

Virus Alert

Dear Church of Reality Members,

There's a new virus spreading - I don't know what it is yet and it hasn't made the news. But I have observed several making it through the virus filter. The virus is an email attachment that clains to be a password file and has an attached document inside of a ZIP file.

If you are running windows you will see an attached file with a extension. Depending on tour windows settings you might not see the .zip on the end. So ......

Unless you are expecting the document and you look to see if its suspicious in any way - DO NOT OPEN THE FILE. If you are in doubt you can forward it to me.

Soon the virus definitions will update and the problem will be blocked.

Pass this warning on to as many of your friends as possible. Feel free to include it in your newsletter. And - you might want to do a special mailing about it.

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