May 30, 2004

Guide to War

I have written the Church of Reality's Guide to War. Unlike some might expect - the Church of Reality does not oppose all war. It does however oppose all unjust war and it requires every person to make a determination as to if the war is just or not. Our slogan is to think before you fight.

Realists are always the first ones on the battlefield. We are there before the war starts to make sure war never begins in the first place. Realists have won more wars than any other religion. But no one sings songs about the wars that never happened.

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May 13, 2004

IRS Tax Status

I called the IRS today to find out what's going on and they said that it takes longer to process these days that it used to and that 4-6 months can be expected. It's been 6 months so I should hear something soon.

My Trademark on the Church of Reality has been initially approved and I just have to send in the final paperwork.

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The Limitations of Omnipotence

There are things I can do that God can't. One example is that I can enjoy a movie with a surprise ending. God can do that because God can see the future and he already knows the end to all the movies that will ever be written. In fact God knows everything God is ever going to do. Kind of limiting to have no free will.

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