October 12, 2004

Supreme Court to Consider 10 Commandments Case

The Supreme Court wants to consider if it is constitutional for government institutions to display the 10 Commandments of the Jewish and Christian religion. The Church of Reality does not endorse the 10 Commandments. We do agree with some of them to a limited extent. We are - for example - against murder and stealing. However - dedication to the invisible guy in the sky is not something supported in reality - unless God comes out of hiding.

When this case comes to trial I intend to file an amecus brief asking the court if the decision applies not only to the 10 Commandment - but also to the Sacred Principles of the Church of Reality.

I will argue that if you allow one religion access to the government then you have to allow it to all religions. If they try to pass it off as a historical document then I will argue the the Sacred Principles is the articulation of acient principles that predate the 10 Commandments.

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